Sports Chiropractic

sports chiropracticChiropractic is commonly thought of and used by most people for symptomatic relief, usually for spinal related complaints and this is something Chiropractic is very good at treating. But what many people do not know is that Chiropractic care is very good at preventing injuries and improving sporting performances.

It is for this very reason that sports stars from a myriad of sporting fields use Chiropractic to keep them on the field and in the game. Here are a few household names that I bet you didn’t know use Chiropractic care to keep them one step ahead of the rest, Michael Jordan, Kelly Slater, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andy Roddick, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, David Coulthard.

The reason they use Chiropractic is because there were studies done in the 1990s looking at how Chiropractic care affected sporting performance and a few of those studies showed Chiropractic care increased athletic performance by 16.7% and improved capillary count (increased blood and oxygen flow to the body). They also use it because they know the value of an optimised nervous system that will ultimately control their reflexes, muscle contractions, skeletal movement, heart rate, oxygen rate, cognitive and decision making functions.