Health, Fitness, Chiropractic

We believe that Chiropractic care should be a part of everyone’s healthy, active lifestyle and here is why.

Most people see health and fitness as black and white, exercising and eating well makes you fit and healthy if not or you aren’t. If I asked you to describe a healthy person what would you say, “balanced diet, low stress, energy, exercise”, that’s what most people say. These are all important to achieving a healthy state but they don’t make you a healthy person. There are a lot of fit people out there who are unhealthy. Lets see what makes you fit and healthy.


Health is defined as an organisms ability to FUNCTION optimally. That means for your body to be healthy your musculoskeletal, nervous, lympathic, cardiovascular, digestive, hormonal, metabolic systems etc all need to be functioning optimally.


Fitness is the ability of a person to perform an athletic activity, this can be anything from a yoga pose, to lifting heavy objects, to competing in triathlons.


Chiropractic believes that when there are problems in the musculoskeletal system (most commonly the spine) this leads to dysfunction in the nervous system. The nervous system controls things important to being healthy (muscles, cardiovascular, digestion, hormones, metabolism etc).

Therefore if you have problems in your spine it affects your health and therefore your ability to perform athletic activities. So to be fit and healthy, yes means having a balanced diet, exercising, reducing stress, drinking in moderation, not smoking but it also means having an optimised musculoskeletal system (spine) so your nervous system and your body can function optimally.

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