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Daniel Seaton – Myotherapist

Daniel Seaton has been practicing manual therapy since 2005 and qualified as a Myotherapist in 2007 through Border College of Natural Therapies. 

He is arriving back to Melbourne after practicing in London for 2 years. Daniel has worked closely with sports doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths; structuring rehabilitation programs and treating a variety of patients from professional marathon runners and footballers, to the unresolved neck pain many office workers often suffer from.

As a past Australian rules footballing tragic, Daniel sustained many injuries requiring repeated visits to local manual therapists. In 2006 he needed a fair amount of treatment after sustaining multiple fractures in his lower back during a game. 

It was during this time that he truly discovered how debilitating pain can be and the importance of working with well trained, experienced and energetic practitioners in the recovery process.

Dan ensures that patients have a thorough understanding of their issues and an effective realistic treatment plan moving forward.

He is very passionate about the field, the clinical benefits and working with and empowering patients. Having worked with AFL footballers and elite level runners he has particular interest in problems that arise in lower back, hips and lower legs.

On days off, you will find him either hiking, running, or on a golf course digging it up!