Preventative Care

Why Preventative Care Is Important

The future of primary healthcare evolves around proactive, preventative integrative medicine. “Australia needs a healthcare system that keeps people well, not just one that looks after them when they are sick” (Federal Minister for Health and Aging). On April 9, 2008 the National Preventative Health Care Taskforce was established “to bring a true preventative focus to the health system”.

preventative health care

Preventative Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic and joint manipulation has long been an effective way of relieving common musculoskeletal complaints such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, lower back and leg pain as well as extremity/sporting injuries. With research consistently reflecting how it provides significant reductions in pain and disability levels.

However, did you know the benefits of Chiropractic care extend far wider than to acute and chronic pain relief? Research illustrates the preventative benefits, with those who maintain regular Chiropractic care after an initial period being more likely to maintain the benefits than those who do not continue their care. A recent study (Feb, 2011) has shown that those who maintain regular care following their initial treatment experience less pain and disability than those who cease care following the initial treatment. Through regular Chiropractic check ups, one can sustain those benefits gained, while reducing the likelihood of past problems reoccurring and providing a level of protection against problems arising in the future.

Preventative Chiropractic care also provides people with unquantifiable benefits like improved general health, increased energy and well-being.

Integrative Preventative Medicine

General Practitioners are consulted every day to make sure our internal organs (heart, lungs, kidney, liver, bowel) and immune system are functioning optimally. Likewise Chiropractors are consulted everyday to make sure our joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nervous system are functioning optimally.

With Chiropractors and General Practitioners working together patients through routine check ups are able to safe guard their health and well being now and for the future. This partnership forms the cornerstone to the future of healthcare, that is, proactive, preventative integrative medicine.


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