Stretching Handout

General Stretching Advice

The following attachment comprises a series of stretches which are loosely based around basic Yoga poses to help improve your spinal flexibility. The stretches can be used during acute injuries or to help maintain general spinal flexibility.

Spinal Stretching Handout

McKenzie Method Exercise For Disc Based Low Back Pain

This attachment shows the McKenzie Method prone lying in extension exercise. This position places the lower back into extension, which shortens the ligaments in the lower back, closes down the lumbar disc at the back moving the material inside the lumbar discs forward (away from the spinal canal). The extend position also helps to take the weight off the ligaments and move it back onto the muscles-according to McKenzie. This position can be used by people who have lower back pain aggravated by forward bending and also by pain free individuals to help improve/maintain good lumbar spine biomechanics.

Prone Lying Handout