Warming Up Before Activity

Is there any benefit in warming up before activity?

It is an age old question, “is there any benefit in warming up?”, whether that be to enhancing performance or reducing the rate/risk of injury. There have been two studies, one in 2006 and the other in 2010 that reviewed the literature to find out what evidence there was on injury preventing and the effects on physical performance warming up had.

The 2006 study, found there was actually insufficient evidence to make a strong recommendation that routine warming up did or didn’t reduce the risk of injury. But the weight of the evidence lent in favour of reducing the risk of injury.

While the 2010 study showed that of the criterion used to examine performance, there were performance enhancements in 79% of those criterion with a routine warm up. The study therefore concluded that an adequate warm up will improve performance and there is little evidence to suggest it will be detrimental to performance.

What Is The consensus on Warming Up?

The answer in that case to the question “is there any benefit in warming up?” is yes. Warming up will enhance your physical performance and will more likely than not, reduce your risk of injury.


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