Sports Chiropractic

What Are Sports Chiropractors?

Although most people associate chiropractic care with the treatment of headaches, neck and low back pain, chiropractors who hold postgraduate sports chiropractic and/or sports and exercise medicine qualifications are well positioned to assess and treat injuries associated with elite and recreational sports and recreational activities.

This higher level of education and training is required as sports injuries are often complex and may involve a variety of different causes which requires a wider range of treatment interventions and rehabilitation. 

Causes of Sport and Activity Related Injuries

Common causes for sports and activity related injuries occur because of:

  • Repeatedly doing the same thing without having enough rest periods
  • Doing too much too quickly
  • A sudden event or trauma like a fall, bump or landing awkwardly
  • A weakness or imbalance somewhere in the movement chain
  • A combination of the above reasons

Our Approach To Treating Sports Injuries

Our approach to treating sports injuries in elite athletes is similar to how we treat them in office workers and recreational athletes. Initially it is understanding all the factors that contributed to the injury, establishing where the break downs in the body have or are occurring and then targeting the treatment to address those problems to rehabilitate, strengthen and balance the body, as well as educating the patient on why the injury occurred and how to potentially reduce the risks of reinjury. It is the reason why we are used and trusted by a variety of elite athletes and teams.

We also have networks setup for specialist imaging, pain and PRP injections, as well as sports medicine and orthopaedic surgical referrals.